Friday, November 25, 2011

iHeart Ellie

Last year when I came home for Christmas, Mom and Dad had a surprise waiting.  I knew that my brother and his wife had gotten a little Golden Retriever puppy, named Dug.  I ooohed and aaaahed and eeeee'd over his pictures on Facebook, and the day my flight arrived in Boise, the first thing I asked when getting into the car (after hugs with my parents of course) was, "is Dug at the house?"
See, to say that I love Golden Retrievers would be a serious understatement.  I LOOOOOVE them.  I think they are just the cutest, sweetest, most loyal, beautiful dogs. Ever. We had two Goldens growing up, Sadie and Charlie, and I adored those dogs. 
So when I got to the house I sat down on the floor and was greeted with licks and lots of tail wagging by little Dug.  Then, all of a sudden, this second little puppy came running up to me. Whaaaaat? I was in heaven.
When Kevin and Jenn were going through the process of getting Dug, they were informed that he had a sister.  Mom and Dad decided to get her, and to keep her a secret until I got up there. Best. Christmas. Ever. 
A couple months later my sister and her husband, Jenn and Darius, also got a Golden, who I got to meet this summer when I came up for a wedding.  So in addition to looking forward to seeing my family, I also am childishly excited to see Ellie, Dug, and Kira when I come home.

This morning I was out throwing the ball for Ellie (who is obsessed with the ball), the sun was shining behind her, perfectly silhouetting her fur, so I grabbed my camera and took some pictures... which inspired this impromptu post.  So here she is, the pretty Ellie girl:

Ok now everyone say awwww =)

We are doing some family pictures this afternoon, dogs included, so I'll most likely have some pictures of Kira and Dug up soon.

Have I mentioned how much I love being home?

Thursday, November 24, 2011


The smell of the upcoming feast wafts through the air, while the football game is the background noise to my family talking and laughing and playing with the dogs.  The air outside is brisk and most of the leaves have fallen.  I love this time of year... and I love being home for it.

Andrew and I drove up to Boise (Boi-see not Boi-Zee... fyi) last weekend to spend Thanksgiving with my side of the family.  It has been wonderful, and I can't believe our time here is going by so quickly.

Though I believe that giving thanks to the Lord should be a part of daily life, it is fun to sit down and think about and celebrate His blessings.  If I had all day to write out all the things God has given me, I wouldn't be able to cover them all.  But today I've been ruminating on the things for which I'm thankful, and I'd like to mention a few!

I'm thankful, first and foremost, for the abundant love and forgiveness, however undeserved, that God has granted me.  Without Him, I have no hope. I'm thankful for my amazing husband, Andrew, who is my best friend in the whole wide world.  I'm thankful for my two families (immediate and in-law) who I love so very much.  They are some of the coolest people I know, and they truly are my closest pals.  I'm thankful for the opportunity to pursue my dream of being a photographer, and to love to work I do.  I'm thankful for the friends I have who encourage me, make me laugh, and are just a joy to be around. I'm thankful for all the little things, like pets that adore you, beautiful weather, mountains and lakes, coffee, my Macbook, food that tastes good, finding joy simply because something is pretty... rain, sunshine, good health, fuzzy blankets, and Ugg boots. I could go on and on... 

BUT... dinner is ready! YAY!

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone, wishing you all the best.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flower Family {Portraits}

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Thank you!

I love this family.  I've known Stephanie (and Tyler through Steph) for many years.  We first met as roommates in a 3 bedroom apartment with 7 girls living there... it was crazy and wonderful and fun.  Steph and I became fast friends, and she soon became like a sister to me.  We spent many a day watching Gilmore Girls and talking about life, and I always admired her relationship with Tyler.  I had the privilege of being in their wedding (and she in mine!), and living in the same town when she was pregnant with both kids.  This family loves the Lord with all their heart, and are some of the most kind and genuine people I know.  Andrew and I love getting together with them... and it is so amazing to see them raise their 2, soon to be 3, children. 
You guys were so much fun to photograph; I love the way these turned out =)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Brock Children {Portraits}

My blog has moved! For more information about my services, and to see my most recent work, please check out my new website:

Thank you!

These kids are adorable!  Children are some of my favorite subjects because they are just so darn cute, and they have these big beautiful eyes... and the Brock kids are no exception.  I spent the afternoon with the family at Summit Park in Valencia where their mom, Sarah Jane, had a couple of Christmas outfits for them to wear.  It was so fun!  I started out by taking some portrait shots of their little girl, who is just so photogenic I could die =D

Ahhh isn't he so cute?  This is the Brock's eldest boy... and his smile just makes me laugh!

Here is the youngest of the three... I LOVE these pictures of him:

Towards the end of our session, Sarah Jane's sister, Stephanie, and her family came for their portraits, so I had all the cousins get together for a few of the pictures.  Aren't they so sweet?

Thank you Brock family for letting me capture your beautiful children; I love you guys!

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