Saturday, January 21, 2012

Murphy Family {Portraits}

I am blessed in many ways.  One of which is having not one, but two, awesome families!  
A month after Andrew and I got engaged, we flew out to Texas to spend Christmas with his family, and to give me a chance to meet the soon-to-be in-laws.  Andrew had flown out a few days before I did, and I remember meeting him at the airport... and feeling quite nervous!  We went from the airport to a burger place called P. Terry's (which, if you're ever in Austin you must go to, it's so good!) and we met Andrew's brother Mike and his wife Stacie, and their three kids.  I felt so comfortable with them right from the start. After lunch, we drove to Fredericksburg, where the rest of the family lives.  The moment I walked in the door, I was greeted with warm hugs and smiles.  I automatically felt like I was home.  It's crazy to think that that was over two years ago!  I feel like I've been a Murphy for way longer than that... and I just LOVE getting to hang out with that side of the family.  We have a blast when we're all together... there's a lot of joking around and laughing; and there's quiet times where we sit around and have good conversations.  
This year, I thought it would be fun to get some family pictures done, so we headed out to Lady Bird Johnson's ranch.  It was freezing that day, with a lot of wind... so we got the pictures done quickly!  Thank you all for putting up with the cold; I think the pictures are well worth it!

Mike and Stacie, and their adorable daughters:

Beth Anne, James, and their three kids:

The lovely Maggie:

Brian and Louise, my parents-in-law:

My nieces and nephew... how cute are they??? I love them all to pieces.  
Oh, and these pictures crack me up, because what you don't see, is Stacie behind me, jumping around and being silly to make all the kids laugh... it was hilarious!

Oh hey, that's us! Me and my awesome sauce husband :D

See what I mean about the joking around? This is what it's like at the Murphy house... all the time! Love it.

Thanks for letting me take pictures of y'all... I love you guys, and miss you lots.


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