Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Max and Merrilee Murphy {Wedding}

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Being a hopeless romantic at heart, I love hearing how people meet and fall in love.  When I was up in Bozeman, Montana for Max and Merrilee's wedding, I arrived in time to be a part of the rehearsal dinner, where the couple told the story of how they met.  Both Max and Merrilee were involved in Campus Crusade at Montana State, and though they knew of each other, they had never met.  It wasn't until Max was enrolled in an Animal Physiology class that was driving him mad with boredom, thus prompting him to come up with something to do, that he decided to ask Merrilee's roommate to show him how to knit, so he could make a hat (now, Max isn't the sort who you'd picture knitting, so this part of the story was met with a lot of laughter). When Max showed up at Merrilee's door, it wasn't the roommate who was home, but Merrilee.  Instead of learning to knit, Max and Merrilee talked for hours... and that's how it all began!
These two were a TON of fun to photograph.  They were so laid-back in front of the camera, and were constantly making each other laugh.  I love it when couples feel free to just be themselves and to goof around, it makes for such great pictures! They also had such a loving group of people surrounding them on their big day.  I was really able to see how much Max and Merrilee love others, and devote themselves to investing in people's lives.  One of the things about their wedding that demonstrated this the most, was that they wanted a clear presentation of the Gospel during their ceremony (which they asked one of the groomsmen to give) and they followed it up with a foot washing.  It was beautiful.
Another aspect of this wedding that was fun for me was that I met another photographer, Jenny Canjar, who was my second shooter for the day.  I had such a blast talking with her, she felt like such a kindred spirit! I loved working with her... so I wanted to make sure some of her photos were posted on the blog!  Here are some of her favorite shots of the day:

Hey that's me!

Thanks so much for all your help that day Jenny, you were wonderful!

And now for some of my favorites from the day... I had a really hard time narrowing them down =)

Merrilee spent the morning laughing with her bridesmaids, and writing thank you notes while she got her hair done.

Max was so excited to see Merrilee!

Showing off the ring to mom.

Merrilee, you are stunning! 

We braved the cold for the couple's pictures.  I have to give major props to Merrilee... while I was bundled in a coat, scarf, and gloves, Merrilee did most of the pictures without a jacket! I kept asking "you doing ok Merrilee?" to which she always replied, "I'm good!" I think her happiness and excitement to be getting married to Max kept her warm.

The groom and groomsmen pictures were so funny, the guys couldn't keep a straight face!

Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Murphy!

In addition to the official wedding cake, both Max and Merrilee each had their own cake as well.  I thought that was such a cute idea.

Congratulations Merrilee and Max!


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