Saturday, October 29, 2011

iHeart Anthropologie

Anthropologie is amazing.  Need I say more? Probably not... but I'm going to!

I love everything about this store (except the price tags) and on days that I have a little free time, I love driving over to the mall and walking through the store, just to see what they have, and what unique decor designs they have in every month.  Even though I don't actually shop there too often, I try to save up and buy something every once in a while.  But even more valuable than the cute jewelry and beautiful clothes are the IDEAS... oh the ideas.  I've told Andrew that someday when we have a house, we're going to make it Anthro-esque.  There is something so homey, yet elegant about the way they set up all their displays, and the assortment of colors and patterns just make my heart sigh with happiness.  It is very inspiring.

When my sister Jenn was here two weeks ago, we decided to head over to Anthropologie so she could get one of their mugs.  I had my handy iPhone with me, so I took some pictures of the displays.  I'm thinking of making an archive for ideas for that future house.  So without further ado, here is some eye candy from this month:

I love the DIY magazine/ book "rack" on the left

I think Andrew could make this coffee table for me!

DIY kitchen shelves with fun wallpaper!

We could never do this in CA due to the possibility of death by decorations in an earthquake, but I love the look anyway

The cabinet on the right would make a lovely addition to a bathroom

Bath products in wine bottles... so beautiful, and great gift ideas!

Gorgeous room.  The dusty purple and the vintage mirror collage is fabulous.  I also love that green blown glass lamp.

I love the colorful bowls.  My dream is to have a completely eclectic dish collection someday

Old mirrors are awesome

Again, I'm pretty sure I could have Andrew make a coffee table like this.  And I really like the setup of the books and plant

This cabinet is my favorite piece in my local store.  I go and drool over it every time I'm there. I want one!
Check out the lights on the left... awesome DIY project!
Happy sisters hanging out together

Um, yes please.

Ah the colors! Pretty colors!

Judging by all the cabinetry I want in my house, I'm going to need 3 kitchens.

They had this half dome thingie over the "living room" section... it looked really cool!

I think this would be such a fun way to display your own jewelry... just substitute your own photos in there!
So there you have it... the first chapter of my Anthropologie someday-I-want-my-house-to-look-like-this archives.

Happy Saturday everyone!


Anonymous October 29, 2011 at 5:27 PM  

love, love, love Anthropology! Which means I am absolutely giddy over this post! :) Hope you're well!

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