Wednesday, September 7, 2011

iHeart Andrew

I’m kicking off a new series on the blog called iHeart… all about, you guessed it, things that I LOVE!  And what better way to start the series than with a post dedicated to the person in this world I love the most: my husband, Andrew.

Andrew and I have been together for a little over two years, and I know that doesn’t seem long in the grand scheme of things, but they have been the best years of my life.  Before I met him, I sometimes wondered about who I would end up with, and if he would truly understand me, and I him.  I wondered if falling head over heels for someone was realistic or if it was something just out of movies and books, and if he would be everything I ever wanted.  And then one summer night at a movie theater, I met him.  And life changed. 

Ours was kind of a whirlwind romance… we met and started dating a week later, were engaged after fours months, and by our wedding day we had known each other for a year and three days.  Over and over again as we got to know each other back then, and still now, it is so clear to me that from the beginning, we were always meant to be.  I know that may seem kind of cheesy, but it’s true! I still remember our first conversations and discovering how much we have in common… from our artistic interests, love of books, applications of our faith, down to silly things like pizza toppings and video games… and seeing how we compliment each other in the ways that we differ. 
Andrew is amazing… seriously… there are so many days I just stop and think, “wow, I am so blessed.”  He has a heart of gold… he is so generous, thoughtful, and genuine.  He is a constant encouragement and support; he believes in me when I don’t.  He calls me out when I need it, and is always the one I turn to when I need advice. He takes my opinions and thoughts into consideration, and puts up with the crazy in me.  He is wise and godly. He makes me laugh oh so much… being around him is SO much fun! He is talented, and smart, and just plain COOL!  He is my best friend, love of my life, and living, breathing proof of God’s faithfulness.  I guess you could say I’m smitten with him!

One of the ways Andrew has been encouraging me lately is in the pursuit of my dream of being a photographer full-time.  I had wanted to practice some portrait shots for a while and I asked Andrew if he would mind if I took some pictures of him.  Even though he isn’t a huge fan of having his picture taken, he agreed (see what I mean about thoughtful? He’s such a keeper!).  Here are some of my favorites.  Keep in mind ladies, he’s taken!! :D

I love being married to this man! I look towards the future with hope, no matter what it may bring, knowing that he is by my side and we'll walk through life together.  Here's to you baby!


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